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Geospatial Resource Planning and Intelligent Earth Modeling Solutions













TerraCortex provides an array of Data Management, Software Development and Geo-spatial support services and solutions for a variety of industries with an emphasis on intelligent and specialized automation modeling and analytical solutions.


● Custom Software Development & Data Management

● Advanced Cloud Modeling Solutions & Integration

● Strategic GIS Business Analysis and Integration

● Advanced Earthworks Construction Modeling and Planning within various Natural Resources industries

● Fully comprehensive LiDAR and DEM data manipulation, modeling and analysis

● Advanced tool/application development and scripting for geo-processing, work flow automation and spatial analysis

 Software Development & Data Management:

● Custom Algorithm Development

● Advanced Analytics

● Machine Learning

● AI - Object Recognition & Feature Detection

● C#/Python .NET, SQL, JavaScript Development

● VBA Macro/Power Query Development and Support

OUR WHEELHOUSE:  GIS-Based Earth Modeling & Planning

TerraCortex Spatial Solutions Inc. specializes in detailed and comprehensive earth modeling and advanced earthworks modeling solutions for various industries.  We employ custom modeling tools, techniques and construction modeling expertise to deliver quality results that are fast, reliable and fully comprehensive for accurate construction planning.

Earthworks Specialization:

● Comprehensive Cut & Fill analysis and volumetric as-built modeling (baseline and advanced)

● Advanced water storage design:  Water Reservoirs, containment ponds and pits

● Reclamation and Remediation Earthworks planning (pile storage and capacity planning and modeling)

● Efficient identification and measurements of usable surface area within minimized construction footprint

● Identification of usable working areas and fixed areas of disturbance

● Theoretical simulation of realistic earthworks construction designs and projects (reverse-engineering methodology)

● Comprehensive earthworks grade modeling of complex features with separately defined civil design parameters

(Multi-Well Lease Sites, Lease/Site Expansion, Water Reservoirs, Borrow Pits, Water Pits, Facility Sites,

Road/Access Construction & Upgrades, Topsoil Storage, Retention/Tailing Ponds)


Custom Modeling & Planning Methodology

Planning and modeling requests, reporting and its deliverable options are entirely custom to our clients. We employ various workflow methodologies and proprietary modeling software and tools to provide our clients with comprehensive results and deliverables to allow the most efficient means to successfully plan and complete projects.



TerraCortex SandBox has arrived! 


Sandbox is a powerful and user friendly Cloud-based web portal that contains a variety of TerraCortex's proprietary Cloud Earth modeling technologies and other analytical mapping/planning functions that will allow end-users the ability to easily and quickly perform comprehensive site planning, earthworks planning and modeling exercises. 


For more information about SandBox,  please contact us at sandbox@terracortex.net









OCTAVE is our powerful Cloud solution for detailed noise propagation simulations and planning collaboration. OCTAVE leverages TerraCortex’s proprietary earth modeling algorithms with high resolution LiDAR, providing the ability to simulate every conceivable option of noise propagation against bare earth LiDAR data coverage, as well as simulations upon composite LiDAR/earthworks as-built models . OCTAVE is powerful consultation tool best leveraged at the collaborative level, enabling users and consultants the ability to communicate unlimited site simulations with rapid report generation delivered by email.



ISO 9613 Noise Propagation - Baseline Propagation Modeling with Single Noise Source and Specified Receiver Locations


OCTAVE 9613 Enhanced

Enhanced Propagation Simulations - Custom ability to incorporate sound barriers, specific as-built surfaces/models and specific weather/seasonal conditions



Multi-Noise Source propagation, using various noise sources



CEE - Cloud Earthworks Engine  

Cloud Earthworks Engine - our solution to powerful Cloud-Based automated earth planning exercises and comprehensive Earthworks modeling is TerraCortex's proprietary technology for integrating GIS, Civil Earthworks modeling and collaborative planning into an intelligent, automated Cloud Earthworks modeling solution.



Although wholly customizable, CEE currently contains an extensive library of intelligent and automated user-friendly earthworks modeling tools that allow users the ability to easily and quickly perform a variety of comprehensive site planning, earthworks planning and modeling exercises

Fully customizable, upon request, CEE's modeling functions and outputs can be tailored and tuned specifically for client specific requirements

For detailed information and capabilities of CEE, please inquire with us at solutions@terracortex.net